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Our commitment to society

Parkar as an entity takes the responsibility to play a role in social causes for the benefit of society at large. We believe in the joy of giving and are obliged to perform our duties to maintain a balance between the economy and welfare of the society and environment. Parkar has happily incorporated self-regulation into the business model with social responsibility at the core.

We at Parkar, understand that we are liable to improve society in some way. Parkar is proud to say that our employees personally came up and actively participated in an event and attended volunteering showing their concern for a specific issue and support for an organization. Helping disadvantaged or needy people don’t contribute to profit margins but the smile and comfort that it brings to them is invaluable and allows business to reap rewards in many ways. Parkar’s participation in one of the wider social issues of today has also helped to boost the morale of all the employees and infused a sense of pride. It was truly a genuine delight to lend a helping hand to the recipients of aid.


SASA (Saraswati Anath Shikshan Ashram) is an orphanage in the slum area of Dapodi based in PCMC, Pune. Established in 1995, SASA’s goal is to save orphan children from isolation and exploitation, not just in India but everywhere in the world. SASA, not just provides shelter to the orphans and destitute but also takes care of them in a safe and healthy environment until they become independent and ideal citizens.

Parkar’s volunteers ventured out and joined hands with SASA. In a recent event held on 27th August 2017, we actively participated collecting the requirements like clothes, foods and other goodies and distributed to the children of SASA. Also, we shared a great time with them talking, singing, dancing and playing. They not just made the day memorable for us but also insinuated the responsibility and love towards them and the joy of giving even more.

Parkar congratulates all its employees for the commendable gesture and pledges to bring more such smiles in the future!

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