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Cloud Implementation
Adopt a cloud strategy that aligns with business objectives

Bespoke cloud solutions & consulting to make your business flexible

It requires experience that spans industries, multiple use cases to help build an agile, cloud-first environment that aligns with an organization’s business objectives. Parkar Consulting & Labs has established a partnership with Microsoft Azure, and designs custom cloud solutions suited to the need of every organization. We create cloud infrastructure with minimal footprint, optimized for effective monitoring, control, and governance. Parkar assures scalable cloud adoption by applying the best architectural and solutions practices of Azure. And all this with minimal interruption to business as a key consideration.

Migration Cloud expansion & optimization Hybrid Cloud Governance & Security Readiness NE X GEN CLOUD PLATFORM

Plan. Build. Migrate. Govern. Optimize. Manage

Parkar Consulting & Lab’s extensive Cloud computing experience with 50+ Azure certified engineers, allows us to help clients through the entire cloud implementation process. We have our models built upon the proven implementation process that incorporates plan, build, migrate, govern, optimize, manage paradigm. Parkar NexGen Cloud Platform factory approach delivers complex migrations in a simplified and orchestrated manner. We work with our customers to provide a faster, cost-effective and successful transition with zero business impact.



A cloud readiness assessment presents an organization with the concrete steps required to successfully embrace the cloud.  As cloud agility and elasticity are increasingly being explored after by businesses, Parkar’s certified Azure Solution architects and consultants, do a formal organizational review and cloud migration assessment as the stepping stone to cloud adoption.

Governance & Security

Parkar helps companies discover the best approach to integrate new processes with existing IT governance policies, dashboards, and tools. In day to day operations, we provide assistance with metering, billing, and chargebacks for constant cost-efficiency gains. Our NexGen Cloud Platform has a Governance Framework that includes specific aspects of IT governance and cloud security.

Hybrid Cloud

Parkar understands that Modern IT is a hybrid IT. We design, deliver and manage hybrid environments using any cloud, container or infrastructure. Our hybrid cloud managed services allow your workloads to run on private and public clouds with the necessary checks and controls. These controls ensure that your infrastructure doesn’t become a bottleneck for any process and consequently become more agile and scalable.

Cloud Expansion & Optimization

Parkar Cloud expansion & optimization services review customers existing cloud architecture and identify the gaps. Through cloud optimization, our Azure certified experts help optimize the usage of cloud resources, reduce the cost by utilizing the latest cloud services, enhances cloud security, automate cloud operations to reduce costs, and enable seamless integration capabilities with other systems.


Cloud migrations are often more complicated than just a lift-and-shift. Our azure certified architects and experts have led scores of successful cloud migrations. We make sure that cloud migration for our customers  is quick, without disruption and sets them up to reduce costs, automate and easily take advantage of their data.
Regardless of your reason to migrate to the cloud, our breadth of expertise means you have access to our world-class support before, during and after your cloud migration.

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