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Single, Automated Testing Solution


Enabling Kronos to dramatically improve the quality of their product suite using a single, automated testing solution

About Kronos Incorporated

Kronos Incorporated is a US-based, multinational workforce management software and services company. Kronos is headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts and employs more than 5000 people worldwide. Founded in 1977, Kronos originally manufactured time clocks. However, today, the majority of Kronos’ revenue is derived from software and services. The company provides cloud applications for workforce management and human capital management, as well as consulting, education, and support services to its customers. Kronos works with customers in different industries, such as Distribution, Manufacturing, and Retail. To be able to attract and retain top-quality talent today, human resource professionals in diverse organizations need an integrated set of tools to manage and nurture their employees, which is where Kronos comes into the picture. Over 30,000 customers in over 100 countries use Kronos’ products for the entire human capital lifecycle, from pre-hire to retire. Kronos offers its clients both human capital management as well as workforce management solutions. Kronos also offers its clients certain specialty products.

Key Challenges

The challenge for Kronos was to be able to test multiple products and a wide suite of applications built around different and diverse frameworks. With the development and testing teams spread across multiple regions, this posed a real challenge for Kronos. Another complex challenge was the ability to effectively maintain thousands of test cases. Challenges were also to perform testing across these different tools, like SOAPUI, and HP QTP for UI and API. This resulted in decreased flexibility and scalability, and an unacceptable increase in the time taken for analysis of these test cases. The client was looking for a single automated testing solution that would handle the testing load better, provide high flexibility and scale, and also reduce the time taken for test analysis and release cycles.

Approach and Solution

We delivered Kronos with a single, automated testing solution that would perform UI Automation Testing as well as API Testing. Using our IEF platform, Parkar teams built a combined, automated testing solution for Kronos that was reliant on modular and layered architecture, resulting in great flexibility and scalability. Parkar engineers also implemented parallel execution, thereby reducing execution time by 90%. We used the existing Virtual Machines (VMs) to achieve cross-platform and cross-browser testing. Besides this, we also implemented a generic utility to automatically update test execution results and funnel them back into the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) from any of the test tools and test frameworks, thereby saving time and reducing human error.

Parkar engineers also scheduled a test suite (a collection of test cases that are intended to be used to test a software program) using an open source automation server as well as an open-source platform for continuous inspection of the code.

Business Value Delivered/Benefits

With the new framework in place, we were able to add 8 to 10 test cases per day, per person. This was a significant increase from the earlier 4 test cases that could be added per person. Parkar also achieved 100% test automation with the new testing solution. Parkar teams achieved increased and improved flexibility and scalability, as this new solution could be used quickly and on the fly. Running this integrated, automated testing solution also resulted in increased code coverage of Kronos’ products, with a greater portion of the product source code executed during testing, thereby resulting in fewer software bugs and quality issues.

The new automated testing solution also reduced defect leakage, which is the number of defects left uncovered after the test has run, by 85%, also improving the quality and runtime of Kronos’ products. Owing to the fact that execution time reduced by 90%, this resulted in quicker feedback. The new automated testing solution, also reduced maintenance time and failure analysis time. Moreover, it eliminated manual efforts in updating the results back to ALM, with this now being completely automated.

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