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About Micore

MiCORE Solutions is a leading provider of Remote Database Management and Consulting Services, specializing in Oracle technologies. MiCORE’s remote, all-in-one database infrastructure team provides 24/7/365 monitoring and issue resolutions, as well as a range of support services.

MiCORE provides its customers with a host of Oracle products and services. MiCORE also offers its customers a wide range of Oracle support services for migrations and upgrades. MiCORE approached Parker Consulting asking them to partner with MiCORE for setting up a Command Center, that would help MiCORE manage its different clients seamlessly, 24/7.

Key Challenges

Parkar teams worked with MiCORE and their end customers in the areas of Data Strategy, Architecture, Design and Development, and ultimately managing the environment driven by Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We set up a global team that offered several services, such as Database Support, Design and Replication Solutions, Heterogeneous Migrations, Monitoring and Automation, and Change and Configuration Management.

Approach and Solution

The core services involved providing Database Support to MiCORE, in a 24/7 mode. Constant change in the business environment, upgrades in database technologies, and the ever-increasing size of data made it imperative for us to build processes for high availability of mission-critical databases

We also built Design and Replication Solutions for MiCORE, in order to ensure both business continuity and disaster recovery. We also worked towards Heterogeneous Migrations for MiCORE, where we exported their Database to a new hardware and Operating System, without any change in the database. This considerably reduced the time required to download and upload files. Monitoring and Automation is another area in which we worked with MiCORE. This resulted in MiCORE being able to monitor systems and automatically rectify system problems and outages in a very short span of time.

When developing a product, changes are inevitable. We also offered MiCORE our services in Change and Configuration Management, where we set up a process that could seamlessly track any changes to the project that occurred during its life cycle. This resulted in greater reliability, reduction of costs and risks, and better organization of information.

Business Value Delivered/Benefits

The combination of all of this resulted in a seamless experience for MiCORE and also delivered additional benefits:

  • MiCORE can dramatically reduce batch processing times for mainframe and Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
  • MiCORE can retain and analyze data at a much more granular level, with a longer history
  • MiCORE can reliably meet their production deliverable time-windows
  • MiCORE can use New Tools to allow for improved user experience on very large data sets

We also came up with several insightful and out-of-the-box enhancements. Some of these included migration from Oracle Data Appliance to Amazon Web Services (AWS), resulting in a significantly reduced Oracle licensing cost along with a more controlled environment. We also saved MiCORE about US $ 66000, by replacing Oracle Audit Vault with in-house automation.

Parkar also enabled MiCORE to provide for 24/7 support for over 20 customer environments, as well as ticket management, Help Desk setup, a Toll Free number, and a well-defined escalation path.

Leveraging the Parkar model, our best practices resulted in considerable savings for MiCORE and also improved their refresh times, enabling quicker product development as well as the ability to deliver deeper insights for business, with time reducing from 48 hours to minutes.

Contact us at info@parkar.consulting to learn more about how we can help database management and consulting companies.

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