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Key Challenges

One of the biggest challenges facing the recruitment industry is finding candidates that fit all the requirements for the position and also ensuring that their credentials are legitimate. Unfortunately, this process is extremely convoluted and invariably has to be outsourced to background verification companies. The price these companies charge for the verification of every candidate could be relatively expensive. Also, this process is time consuming and does not eliminate fraud completely. xScion wanted an alternative solution which would make it easier to address these recruitment challenges.

Approach and Solution

Parkar’s suggestion for this was to experiment with blockchain as the technology to solve this. As a starting point, we agreed on a POC on this concept to test the feasibility of this approach. Parkar teams set up a basic blockchain infrastructure with multiple test platforms which consist of peers and orderers. Parkar used Paybridge, a national provider of integrated payroll services in the US as the source of truth to validate the information. Parkar’s engineers also inserted the verified information in the blockchain network. Information on the blockchain is immutable and cannot be tampered with. Other employers can validate this information within milliseconds. The intellectual property for the proof of concept is owned by xScion; Parkar brought its engineering expertise to the project.

Business Value Delivered/Benefits

This solution resulted in almost real-time verification of information of a candidate instead of days or weeks. xScion was assured of the fact that the information once verified is tamper-free owing to the inherent nature of blockchain. There is no single source of truth, with information being independently maintained by all participating nodes, making trust implicit.

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