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Application Engineering
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From the idea to design to development, Parkar Consulting & Labs brings expertise across the value chain and provides resource resiliency, ensuring a truly agile and responsive development process. We engage with our customers on tailor-made solutions to assist in the design and development of their application systems.

Whether you’re enhancing an existing product portfolio or working on new innovations, we work seamlessly with in-house teams to deliver state-of-the-art, sustainable products that stand the test of time and innovation and help you accelerate to a secure, digital, data-driven enterprise.

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At Parkar, it’s all about helping you get there sooner no matter how nuanced your needs are and which stage of adoption you are at while looking for services. It’s all about the need for speed and quality. Our engineers bring years of experience to your innovation process, often foreseeing problems before they occur.

We know that business focus is elemental for any organization, so our expert Solution Architects give more importance to your business problems rather than the technology itself. Our specialist teams are experienced in developing domain-specific applications that concentrate on solving the business problems at hand and assure our trusted customers of excellent capabilities and services.



Our integration services team is staffed by experts in the leading integration technologies and tools, including enterprise application integration platforms, ERP platforms, payment gateways across industry domains and verticals. As a result, your company can benefit from consolidated data and view that is always just across all applications.


Parkar helps companies in modernizing their legacy monolithic applications with resilient, autonomously deployable Microservices applications. We build API management platforms to provide visibility, reliability, security, and adaptability needed to run Microservices architecture effectively and efficiently. With our Microservices solutions, companies can iterate quickly, simplify deployment, and drastically reduce time-to-market.


At Parkar, tech architects are at the center of innovation to deliver the technically complex and innovative solutions to our clients. In addition to being tech experts, our certified tech architects are also leaders in Parkar to drive new tech trends and deliver projects. Currently, we have more than 50 Microsoft Azure certified technology specialists.

Security & Compliance

Parkar NexGen Platform enables the threat intelligence, security policies, and cybersecurity specialists to provide the best level of security and compliance coverage to your workloads across any environment. Our compliance program allows you to implement best practices at a lower total cost. We help provide the optimal solution to secure healthcare networks and help achieve HIPAA compliance.

Data Management

Parkar manages the entire data and analytics process for its customers. We apply advanced analytics and predictive modeling to combined data from traditional, transactional, and external sources and create the consumer-centric view that engages, and personalizes the consumers’ experience.
We build the recommendation system using prediction and recommendation by using the available datasets, expert rules, and social media data to train and build a model that is able to predict and recommend.


Parkar mobility services unite with business processes to deliver consumer-centric, easy-to-use mobile solutions. Our designs are device and technology agnostic so that the users can stay connected on the device of their choice. Our mobility services help our customers maintain a mobile enterprise presence that drives their organization’s growth.


Parkar application engineers build solutions for speed and scale. Parkar NexGen Platform helps discovers and monitors dynamic microservices running inside containers. It provides insight into how each microservice is performing, how they communicate with each other and immediately detect poorly performing microservices. Our solution experts help fix the performance bottleneck and make the application scale as per business ask.

API Marketplace

Parkar helps customers with data aggregation and their visibility by creating an API platform and marketplace. The impact of open, standardized APIs in every industry vertical is significant and organizations are already reaping the benefits. We build an AI-based decision support system that is deeply integrated with third party intelligence systems through API in order to efficiently access the data and make more informed choices.

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Parkar NexGen Cloud Platform used Micro-services to reduce TCO by 30% with Application Re engineering


Parkar NexGen Cloud Platform Uses Redhat OpenShift to Modernize
Legacy System


Parkar NexGen Platform boosted ROI by reducing 40% of infrastructure cost with Micro-services & Automation

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